St Catherine's High School

…over 100 years of invaluable contribution towards the holistic development of Maltese and International students

Welcome to our one big family

'Education is not preperation for life; education is life itself.'

Welcome to our One Big Family – St. Catherine’s High School. Established in 1909, St. Catherine’s High School is a family-run, private independent co-educational School located in Pembroke, Malta. It is founded on Catholic principles and run by lay staff under the direction of the Head of School, Ms Sue Midolo, great grand daughter of the founder, Dott. Enrico Cortis.

The School hosts over 700 students and is open to local and foreign students, boys and girls, journeying from the Flutterby Child Care Centre (Child Care and KE1 – 2- 4 year olds) through to the Pre Junior Year (4-5 year olds), then to the Junior School (Junior 1 to 6 – 5 years to 10 year olds) and finally to the Senior School (Senior 1 to 5 – 11 to 16 year olds) up to the standard required for the Secondary Education Certificate (SEC).

This interface is aimed at providing you with all the necessary information about our School, its ethos and the everyday life of our students and staff. We are confident that it will render a true picture of the good teaching and learning practices that the educational journey at our School promotes and provides. We also hope that this will be a space where we can celebrate the milestones, creative and academic, achieved by our students throughout their educational adventure here at School.

School Vision & Mission

St. Catherine’s High School emphasizes a nurturing environment where students, teachers, and parents feel like part of a cohesive family, fostering academic excellence, holistic development, and community values.

Admissions & Registrations

We're here to assist whether to enroll your child in preschool or seeking spots in Junior & Senior School, followed by a discussion covering our ethos, curriculum, activities, & registration process via phone, email, and an informative meeting.



During the Flutterby stage (ages 2-4), children engage in enjoyable activities that enhance learning through sensory experiences. The focus is on developing basic fine motor skills and fostering social skills like taking turns.


In the Pre-Junior class (age 4), our curriculum emphasizes early literacy and numeracy, with a particular emphasis on English language skills. We integrate physical education, cooking, drama, and religion into the curriculum.

Junior School

In the Junior School (ages 5 to 10), students explore diverse subjects like Math, English, Maltese, Science, Religion, and Citizenship Education. Physical Education is emphasized with daily lessons, and the curriculum includes cooking, drama, and art activities.

Senior School

The Senior School Sector encompasses 5 Senior Years from Senior 1-Senior 5, catering to students aged 11-15. The Senior School Sector offers a comprehensive and balanced curriculum, prioritizing the joy of learning, the personal growth and development of students, and their evolving needs. It also lays a strong foundation for their future academic and career endeavours.

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